pressed in ink, brewed in culture

We’ve always loved telling stories. We started telling the story of a growing art and cultural movement in North Florida 10 years ago when we began filling the pages of Void Magazine. We began telling the story of new and thriving local concepts from right here in our own backyard.


Now we want to tell the story of beer. We’ve always loved beer, all kinds of beer, especially when it’s made locally. We drink it after tough deadlines, during brainstorming sessions, with family and friends, when we are watching the Jaguars, listening to live music. We’ve always been passionate about what we drink, how it’s made, where it comes from, who makes it. Every beer you sip has a story to tell. Over the years we’ve grown more passionate about beer, following and befriending other beer makers. We’ve even been making beer in our garage. While dreaming that someday we would be able to open up our own taproom and share the beer we make. That dream became a reality when an old warehouse in a historic area in Jacksonville Beach became available. We were already on the look out for a new home for our magazine production team. This space was the perfect fit to allow us to bring all of the things we love to produce under one roof. The Ink Factory was born.


So our beer story begins here and we will start inking the pages with each beer we create. Together we’re going to show you how every ounce of creativity and love that we can muster is painstakingly crafted into our art. 


Our art is beer. Please come enjoy it with us.